Government Impact – Zoning & Licensing are Key

Zoning and Licensing are the two twin sisters of success to your vacation home ownership experience. Local governments have a duty to regulate both and have made inroads to address the needs of the communities, residents, second home owners and vacationers alike. (No easy task)

“Due to concerns that the county’s current policies regarding the regulation of vacation rentals, also popularly known as short-term rentals, are overly broad and lacking clarity, the Washington County Commission voted to put a six-month pause on the approval of any new vacation rental applications for the unincorporated parts of the county earlier this month”

Reads a recent article from St George News where they reported a 6 month ban at the ‘County’ level on short-term or nightly vacation rentals by the County Commissioners. They are working to balance the interests of all parties and need time to “get it right” as the trend for nightly rentals continues its climb in popularity with investors and tourists alike.

If you’re in the market to buy a second home in Washington County it may pay to work with an expert in operations, management and zoning. Know the details before you buy.

If you already own a second home, and you’re thinking of ways to cash-flow it but are not sure about zoning or have questions about rates, management or marketing – reach out to us for a free no-obligation consultation. About 20-30 minutes of your time will produce a great deal of insight as you navigate the market.