Agent Referral Guarantee

The FIRST 2 years –

After 2 years – then what

What if the client does not want to work with you, but it been less than 2 years?

You work hard to build your client base. Your owner client referral is 100% guaranteed yours. IF your client is looking to sell or buy any real property we will bring them back to you – no strings attached, no referral fees.

After 2 years, your client is still your client IF you have maintained that relationship. (I.E. you send postcards/letters, keep in phone contact etc. and your client indicates such) then the guarantee will continue. IF you are not doing your part to maintain that relationship, then we’ll step in and service the customer as our client.

In short, keep in contact with them. Work your database.

IF the client elects to not want to work with you, the referring agent for what ever reason, we’ll step in to help and we will pay you a 25% referral fee.

Bottom line – you’re a professional. Keep in contact with your clients.