Home Selling Process (Simplified)

Step 1 – You (all ya’ll) decide to sell your home.

The average person sells and moves about every 7 years as housing needs change. Family size changes, work related needs, space etc. are all factors.

Step 2 – Knowledge is power. We suggest taking a good hard look at what similar properties are currently listed for, sold for or rented for in the last 3-6 months. Look at your neighborhood as well as surrounding areas.

Caution: Selling a home can be emotional. Keep in mind your home, tough special to you, is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Not all improvements you’ve done have the same value to another person.

Be prepared and knowledgeable about your home, the local market before you meet with an agent. This helps in your search for a good agent more than you know.
Agents with plans, systems and processes to sell a home, even in fast moving market, are worth their weight in gold.

Step 3 – Interview and/or select an agent.

Selling your home is a significant step. Select an agent you work well with. Ask people in your sphere for recommendations. We find agents who are referred to you work harder because they value the relationship with the person who referred you to them.

Step 4 – Price your home – to sell within your ‘Plan’ (not sit on the market).

If you have 6 months before you have to move you can price above market and wait – but if you want to sell in 45-60 days you need to price the home to attract as many offers as possible. Working with you agent as well as your market research will help pay off a great deal. Rememberyour home is only worth what another is willing to pay for it, not what you want you think it is worth.

Be prepared to listen to the market – not enough interest in your home? Is it price, is it quality, location? Listen, adjust as needed.
Even in a sellers market ‘Top Dollar’ requires some updates, declutter, cleaning and a well kept yard.

Step 5 – Prepare your home.

Does it need to be decluttered? YES

Clean? Yes but lived in is OK unless you’re not clean. Then clean it is!

Do you need to fix the little things? Yes, especially the little things.

Step 6 – Let the whole world know ‘you’re moving!’ Be prepared for showings, questions etc.

Be sure you know the marketing plan your agent has in mind. They are going to start to bring potential buyers, buyers with their own agents, curious neighbors etc. to your home to see what ‘X’ dollars will buy in your neighborhood.

Open houses do still work, flyers and signs too. Don’t accept just the minimum effort – a great agent will try to bring buyers from every corner of the market.

Step 7 – Offers and Negotiations

Rule 1. Not all buyers are equal. Evaluate offers value but the buyer too.

Rule 2. A low offer is not always a bad offer. Be prepared to counter. A low offer is a buyer testing where the market is to the seller. Be prepared to counter all offers and be prepared with facts (not feelings) why.

Step 8 – Acceptance, Inspections, Corrections/Repairs (more negotiations) and packing

When an offer is accepted your world changes in a flash. Your home now feels like someone else’s home – you are now a care taker . . .

You’re going to disclose ALL YOU KNOW and They’re going to inspect the property, make a list of corrections (repairs/adjustments) and you’re going to feel overwhelmed a bit depending on what the buyer is asking.

You should be prepared to address critical issues (i.e. leaking roof) but you are not required to change paint colors.

KNOW your deadlines and key dates – be prepared to be moved out when you should, be prepared to close. A great agent will help you prepare weeks in advance as well as the right title company who works with the buyers/seller to get to a successful close.