How to Save $$$ when booking a vacation rental

Vacation rental booking sites such as Airbnb, Booking . com or VRBO (also known as ‘Channels’ ) are all great sites to help travelers ‘connect’ with individuals or businesses (like Escape Properties or “hosts”) who offer amazing properties outside the box of a hotel.  We offer private homes with full-sized kitchens, private pools or other amenities that a hotel can’t offer and for way less than a hotel per room!  (Value -this is why people like you and I shop on these sites when we go on vacation!)

What if you new a secret that could save you 3-15% the next time you booked – would you want to know about it?

Channel companies like AirBnb and VRBO charge both you (the buyer) and I (the seller) each a fee to interact and transact.  This fee can range from 3-15% or more.  So who really pays for this added cost?  In every case, you the buyer, pay your portion PLUS in most cases, you pay the owner portion too through an inflated nightly rate.  

So . . . even though these channel sites are very convenient and they do ad value and help bridge transactions between the parties . . . but . . . IF you could save between 3-15% would you try this one thing?

Here’s the best way to save – book direct.  It’s that easy.   As a seller of vacation homes our best rates are on and through our own sites.  It is when we market through a channel we have to mark up our rate to cover the real hard cost of using a third party to help transact.  Simple economics.

What if there was an additional way you could save . . . would you want to know about that too?  

Many hosting companies like Escape Properties offer our returning guests a discount or incentive to re-book.  We do this because it is less expensive for us to service a prior guest than it is for us to go out and find new ones.  As such, because of the value of this relationship, we are happy to discount a little off the rate for you.  

Escape Properties offers two types of discounts.  One for just returning to ‘any’ property we manage within the next year.  This discount ranges from 3-7%.  The other discount is slightly larger and is unique to the last property you just stayed at.  IF you re-book a stay to the same unit you just stayed in you get a bigger discount. These discounts range from 7-10% depending on the property.

IF you only plan on visiting an area once every 3-5 years, using global sites like Airbnb or VRBO are perfect to use and make travel fun, easy and exciting.  But if you visit an area like St George 2-3 times a year, developing a relationship with the local guy, also saves money and makes travel even more fun, easy and exciting.

Safe travels and return often.

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