Listing Managment

THE LISTING | Impressions Matter

Your ‘Property’ is the foundation of our joint business model – owners and management work together to create, present and maintain the property in a way that engages the guest.  The mission is to get them to want to book your house, then love it when they arrive and share it with others after they leave through social media, reviews and word-of-mouth (then return again and again).

POINT 1 | The home should feel like it belongs to the guest when they are there.  Limit personal items, like clothes, to designated owner closets.

POINT 2 | Your furniture should be functional,  inviting and in good repair.  Bringing down grandma’s old and worn hide-a-bed couch or an old table with mismatched chairs is not a good idea.

POINT 3 | The garage should be accessible by the guest for guest use.  Only store your toys there IF you have a 3 car garage and you can secure one side. Garages should also  have minimal ‘stuff’ in it.  Clutter hurts.

POINT 4 | Don’t make things so complicated.  IF your TV system requires 3 remotes to run, then its too complex.  People want to simply have things work.  IF they have to call for help, it takes away from the impression.

POINT 5 | Your beliefs are important but should not be imposed.  You may not drink coffee, but you need to provide a coffee maker.  It’s OK to leave a religious book/art but balance these with other items of interest too.


  • Remove all clutter from drawers, cabinets and closets.
  • Do have basic spices, sugar, flour and oil available.  Replenish as needed.
  • Limit personal photos – best practice is to display local POI’s (Points of interest)
  • If ‘IT’ doesn’t work – get rid of it. 
  • If ‘IT’ is old and dated – replace it.
  • Keep things SIMPLE.  Complex does not always equal useful or appreciated.
  • Keep house rules realistic, simple and friendly.  DON’T DO THIS is not as effective as PLEASE.  The vast majority of guests are respectful when asked.
  • This is a business.  Keep your emotions at bay.  People are going to use your bed for bedroom activities, they will make a mess in the kitchen and will wear their shoes from time to time.
  • Don’t OVER MONITOR your home.  Just because you can have a camera and watch on your phone doesn’t mean you should.  Less is more and IF you have to monitor . . . keep it to a minimum.  No one likes a ‘creeper’ house.

What 1,000 words can you imagine?


Every property should have QUALITY and accurate photos – these will be your best sales tools.  Escape provides professional photos for every new listing.  Periodic photo updates too.  

WORDS 'Inform'

When writing about a listing we will focus on USP’s (Unique Selling Proposition – Value) and always keep the descriptions real.  Using certain words too much, such as ‘spacious’ or ‘amazing’ comes off as a sales job.  Let the words support the pictures.

In the text portion of a listing we also will focus on PRE-ANSWERING a potential guests FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions).  For example, we will describe a bedroom with size of bed, disclose if it is a private bath or shared as well as what floor it is on.  Our team will write the initial copy and of course we welcome owners input.