Marketing & Promotion

Marketing and Promotion

Shows like NetFlix’s “STAY HERE” and other shows on HGTV are designed to entertain and like many ‘Reality’ shows often do not reflect our specific “local” realities.  Furthermore the market is in constant motion and requires sound principles and discipline over time to succeed.

Understand your market

Where are the guests coming from?  UT, CA, CO, AZ, ID, WA and CANADA are the top regions booking in St George.  It is important to also note that up and coming markets include Asia and colder mid-west/northeast states too.  COVID brought a surge from California as well as NY from all over the Northeast and Midwest regions.  Marketing foot print – Over 75% of guests are driving to the area and live within 600 miles of St George.  How old are they?  The average booking age of guest is 38.  87% are also families – not corporate travel.  (key – focus on marketing to families needs in your home)  How long do they stay?  In 2017, according to AirBnb data, the average length of stay in the St George area was 3.2 nights.  When do they book?  The majority of bookings are done by females (60/40) and they are booking on average 43 days in advance of the arrival date.  We are seeing a growing nightly average in the summer and people are planning more and more in the future.

In both setting up your property to appeal to the market and our focused marketing plan Escape Properties uses this and other data sources to try to drive occupancy with best possible rates to create a healthy balance of revenue.

Systems Investments- Escape Properties reservation software is designed to integrate with multiple channel marketing servies like AirBnb, VRBO, Google etc.  This means we can cast a broad net and communicate with guests in a single point

We have integrated with partnerships on both a with leading travel industry firms in California, Boston, Idaho and little old Utah.  All the tech, pomp and circumstance is for naught if it was not for the HUMAN team behind the effort.

This includes owners, cleaners, reservations team, guest service coordinators, maintenance team and support staff.  Our combined energies and focus is on the creation of an Amazing Guest Experience.

The Success of the Property

The operation and success of a vacation property business is not a complicated business model but there are many moving parts and details working with the traveling public, meeting expectations and keeping things current.  We see your success more as a full-time venture rather than a side job.  This is not to say that the individual can not have success self-marketing on AirBnb or VRBO.  They can and do. (This is why AirBnb is so successful as a whole)  Over time we see owners burn out and become tiered.  Properties loose their luster and eventually end up ‘for sale’ or in neglect.  Many first time second home owners are convinced that the property is always going to produce positive cash flow, when in reality most do not.  They fell in love with the idea they see on TV reality shows not the reality of running a second home business.